Kombucha for hangovers

Kombucha for Hangovers | Does it Really Work?

It’s Sunday morning and you are beginning to regret the previous nights choices. Yup, we have all been there! Well, if you’re a health conscious person like me and prefer to take natural remedies for hangovers in lue of pain relievers like Tylenol, then I have great news.


Kombucha for hangovers
Homemade kombucha

This drink is a mixture of tea, sugar and bacteria.

Yep bacteria, but don’t worry it’s perfectly safe and healthy too.

This drink is very ancient and has been used for about 2000 years in the treatment of several ailments, including hangovers.

The health of your gut is very important and for a number of reasons, this is because your gut is linked to every part of your body. Functional digestion with the right amount bacteria of can help relieve stomach and head aches. This can be achieved by Kombucha.

This drink has several health benefits attached to it and for this reason is quite popular. One of these is the ability neutralize the damaging effects caused by alcohol. Kombucha is a fermented tea, and as such has trace amounts of alchohol.

A hangover, in general, is a withdrawal of alcohol. This in part is why kombucha is so effective.

Kombucha for hangovers cure
Kombucha Hangover Cure

Now there hasn’t been any research conducted on how to cure hangovers. So the claims that kombucha can cure hangovers has not been truly validated by science. But in this article we will look at the symptoms of hangovers and then see how kombucha could help with them
When suffering from a hangover, you are plagued by many things, dehydration, migraines, stomach pains and so forth. We will see how Kombucha deals with these symptoms.


Drinking alcohol is a very fast way to get dehydrated, this is because of the affinity alcohol has for our cells. Alcohol displaces water from our body. That’s why we are constantly urinating when we’re drinking. That’s why you should have water by your side drinking.
Due to the fact that Kombucha contains a lot of electrolytes, it will be very valuable when combating dehydration. So instead of taking water or Gatorade when you are dehydrated, take Kombucha, you’ll get faster results.


According to a research in 2014,

“It is shown that [kombucha tea] can efficiently act in health prophylaxis and recovery due to four main properties: detoxification, antioxidation, energizing potencies, and promotion of depressed immunity.”

This shows that Kombucha can help get rid if toxins and waste still inside the body after drinking heavily. So another reason why kombucha is beneficial when treating hangovers is its detoxifying properties.


Stomachaches are common features when describing hangovers and they can be really annoying and uncomfortable. Because of this we seek several solutions to the problem. But even the worst stomach aches can be cured using Kombucha.

Its antioxidizing properties help kombucha to protect your stomach tissues.. This means that stomach aches caused by hangovers are curable using kombucha. Also the probiotics in this tea can reduce pain, so no more aching tummy pains after a night of drinking.


Without a dreadful headache, it’s not a hangover. We’re talking about headaches that feel like your heads gonna explode, and whats more it lingers around the corner of your head even after taking loads of painkillers.

It’s just the worst.
Don’t worry kimbucha can help, it’s one quick natural remedy that no headache can stand against. As you know headache is usually caused by abdominal imbalance. The probiotics will help relieve abdominal issues and this will lead to reduction in your headache. Also, since the majority of us run to coffee for caffeine to relieve migraines, there’s caffeine in kombucha that can set a soothing effect and get rid of the headache.


This is one major reason why people hate hangovers, and say that they’ll stop drinking. But we know how that story plays out.
Since komucha can relieve stomachaches, it can no doubt also help you with any form of nausea. It’s true, ginger or peppermint can help with nausea. But since kombucha is loaded with B complex vitamins, it helps cure dizziness. So, kombucha can cure hangovers? If it can relieve nausea, then it can.

Vitamin C

Your liver needs vitamin C for effective completion of it’s duties. But alcohol gets rid if vitamin C in the liver. This is bad for you. And that’s one of the reasons why alcohol is said to be bad for the liver.
Since kombucha is loaded with vitamin C, then it is helpful to the liver and will assist it in it’s role as the body’s detoxifyer. This will help speed up the process of getting rid of your hangover.


A hangover tends to leave us cranky, stressed, and sometimes anxious in the morning. Because of our heightened sensitivity, all we want to do is stay in bed all day long.
If you become anxious while dealing with a hangover, kombucha can calm you down and reduce the stress you’ve been building up. This will help calm your nerves and reduce any anxious feelings.

With all these it can be seen that kombucha would be a wise choice in your fight against hangovers.

Hangover cure kombucha

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