The 6 Best B Vitamin Foods

The 6 Best B Vitamin Foods

When it comes to incorporating vitamin B in your diet, many often think there is only one approach. Supplement pills. However, there are more natural ways of getting these vitamins into your body.

B vitamins are very important in the production of energy. It helps the human body convert fat and sugar as well as protein into energy. In addition, they help in both maintenance and repair of human skin and make hair, nails, and eyes healthier.

These vitamins are essential when under stress, or when taking medications like antibiotics and birth control pills. Birth control especially depletes the body of B vitamins, so make sure you are conscious of your bodies needs.

Individuals who do not eat meat or a variety of dairy products need to be very cautious in this regard. Vitamins are often obtained from grains, though the most effective way of incorporating them into our diets is through  unrefined foods.

Side Effects from Vitamin B Deficiency

There are many ill-effects of Vitamin B deficiency. For instance:

  • lack of it leads such conditions as anemia,
  • skin diseases (including seborrhea dermatitis)
  • oral ulcers
  • chapped lips
  • hand and feet numbness
  • and depression among others.

Some effects may be so specific though. For instance, vitamin B9 deficiency includes increased chances of birth defects, forgetfulness, mood swings, and sore mouth among others.

Similarly, the inadequacy of vitamin B12 leads to inappropriate and unsteady muscle coordination, memory lapses, and agitation among others.
Even though supplements may be essential in some cases, it is imperative to try to find dietary sources. You then can discuss any necessary supplements you may have to take with your physician.

So then, what are the best sources of B vitamins?

Well, that is the focus of the following section of this article.

The Best B vitamin Foods

There are different types of B vitamins, each of them with unique functions. Nevertheless, they all help the body in energy production and manufacture of significant cells within the cells.

There are a lot of foods that provide these nutrients. However, for a food to be perceived high in vitamin B, it must have more than 20% of RDI, that is, Reference Daily Intake, per serving. Still, a food having 10-19% of RDI is perceived as a good source.

The following are some of the foods with high contents of either one or more of the B vitamins.

1. Avocado

Avocado, the grandfather of entire superfoods, come first in the list.

It contains up to 41% of the folate needs daily, 26% B6, and up to 28% of pantothenic acid. In addition, it is made of 21% thiamin, a total of 9% riboflavin, and 20% of other daily nutritional requirements such as vitamins C, E, K, and fiber as well as potassium.

The fruit is quite nutritious and even taking just a half of it offer sufficient nutrients to the body. While it has high calories, it is still very essential due to the healthy fats and fiber it contains.

2. Pork Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin
Are you among the meat-eaters? If you are, then probably it is your best source of a number of B vitamins.

A 3-ounce portion of pork has 120 calories and less saturated fat compared to chicken breast, according to Stefanski, an established nutritionist.

One of the best about pork is that it is among the highest sources of such elements as thiamin by 54%, riboflavin by 19%, niacin by at least 37%, at least 8% B12, and 37% B6. Moreover, it contains s other important elements such as biotin, zinc, and protein among others. Evidently, it is a very essential source of B vitamins.

3. Plain Low-Fat Yogurt

Plain yogurt

Just like other dairy products, yogurt is a fantastic source of a lot of B vitamins.

For example, a single cup of a minimum fat yogurt has up to 31% riboflavin, a total of 23% B12, and up to 14% pantothenic acid, along with biotin and calcium for bodybuilding if taken with both phosphorus and potassium as well as zinc and selenium.

If you use Greek yogurt, you will be able to get at least twice as much protein in each serving, as well as limited sodium and sugars, often cut back during the straining process.

The Greek yogurt can still be used to prepare popsicles, substitute butter in baked products, and in making dips sauces along with dressings.

4. Salmon

While most of the individuals opt for plant-based diets, a number of nutritional entities still recommend integrating fish such as salmon into your diets at least two to three times every week.

Many people often shun fish but being acquainted with how to prepare it is beneficial to your health.

In just three ounces of this fish, you will be able to get at least 40% of B12, up to 34% of niacin, 27% of B6, at least 19% of thiamin, and up to 12% of pantothenic acid along with some biotin. In addition, salmon is the most appropriate source of omega-3s, which enhance one’s brain and the health of the heart. And suppose you are not a fan of salmon, you can turn to sardines, tuna, and mackerel, the best alternatives in this regard. It is recommended, however, that you acquire prepared fish, already seasoned, and has cooking instructions.

5. Chicken

Cooked chicken

Apart from being effective springs of the antioxidant selenium, a three-ounce chicken breast has at least 59% of niacin, up to 26% B6, and smaller quantities of both riboflavin and B12.
Moreover, chicken is the major sources of eggs in the world.

6. Eggs


Eggs are very important in this context as well. For instance, they facilitate eyesight as well as skin elasticity. It’s also easy to add eggs to any meal.

Besides, a single egg provides 14% riboflavin, at least 11% B12, and minimum quantities of folate and B6 as well as biotin.


B vitamins are essential in sustaining energy levels, healing skin, hair, nails and keeping your eyes healthy. The deficiency of these nutrients can lead to a lot of disorders, including anemia and depression among others. While supplements are important in some cases, it is good to seek natural sources of B vitamins.

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